Looking to bring on a full-time co-founder/CTO on equity to build out the next version of the app. The current version was built by an outsourced team. I am a serial entrepreneur and this is my 5th business and 2nd tech company. The person I am looking for has to be sold on my vision for the product and is passionate about the idea.

About the company:

RoomShare is a social hotel room sharing marketplace that targets millennial travelers and allows them to share a hotel room with like-minded people of the same gender based on shared interests. Think Airbnb for hotel rooms around sold out conferences, tech events, concerts and sporting events. We also offer a secondary market for private hotel room bookings by facilitating the resale of no-show reservations, allowing people to arbitrage their hotel reservations around sold out events for a premium price and by letting customers convert their unused hotel loyalty points into cash.

Product videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA3T6etI7NR4BaLnYHsUjvA

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