We are looking for business partners, investors franchise partners across Europe, USA a completely new product distribution, or in other continents is also possible.

We are looking for investors for this to start a given country.
In case of the contract is established , and beside the inverstor and  our company, the proposer can expect a huge dividend.
The conditions which must be observed are the followers:
– The first manufacturing in minimum quantities are 285,120 piece.
– Which is 99 pallett and 3 camion
– For this quantity ,the price is 108,000 Euro
– Furthermore, you need to buy the marketing package for 5,000 Euro, translated into the language of the country
– All in all: 113,000 Euro
– The contract includes the investor’s exclusivity for the certain country.
– Every licensing, labeling cans, marketing authorization etc.
The investor’s duty is to supply the certain country with the product and look for parallels with a large wheel, small wheel , resellers who want to distribute the drink.  The conclusion that below a minimum price the product can’t be sold.
The investor gets it for 0,38 Euro / piece ,and you have to put 40-45% on the product to the wholesale. The wholesaler will put another 20-25% on the product plus the local value-added tax (VAT).
The retail stores will be included must be the order of 1 gross Euros
Similar functional drinks (ONLY SIMILAR ) in Austria cost 1,5-1,7 Euro in retail.
This is a huge chance for us to start the business in as many countries as we can.

It's a whole new product, which bottling under contract to the German production line in addition to prepare Europe's most modern plant in Hungary .
A mixed fruit juice, herbal-based natural mineral water, carbonated soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages with added vitamins. It is negligible and does not contain the carbohydrate content and calorie artificial sweeteners and coloring agents, preservative-free, as is pasteurization.
It  is possible all ages, because there is no caffeine. No energy drink, but also vitamin beverages.
A box capacity, which is 1000 mg vitamin C, and A, E, and six kinds of B vitamins 250 ml.
At present, metal box, white and blue colors is available in the standard product, but it is being tested and next  2-3 weeks of anti-allergic version white and green colors box start. Next step  vitamin D will be the white-orange box version containing vitamin manufacturing.

More information you can find at Intercontact Ltd.

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