6. Security Overview

IdeaGist Security Overview

We provide this overview so that you can better understand the security measures we’ve put in-place to protect the information that you store on IdeaGist website.

Secure Storage

We encrypt the data that you store on IdeaGist using the AES-256 standard, which is the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data.

Secure Transfers

Your data is sent between IdeaGist’s desktop clients and our servers over a secure channel using 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, the standard for secure Internet network connections. The transmission of data between our web server and your browser is automatically adjusted to SSL, regardless of your initial connection type. Your Ideas are sent between IdeaGist’s mobile apps and our servers over a secure channel using 256-bit SSL encryption where supported.

Your Data is Backed Up

IdeaGist keeps redundant backups of all data over multiple locations to prevent the remote possibility of data loss. In the unlikely event that this redundancy were to fail, IdeaGist has the capability of restoring nightly backups.


A copy of our full privacy policy can be found at: https://www.ideagist.com/privacy. We guard your privacy to the best of our ability and work hard to protect your information from unauthorized access. Like most online services, we have a small number of employees who must be able to access user data for the reasons stated in our privacy policy (e.g., when legally required to do so). But that’s the rare exception, not the rule. We have strict policy and technical access controls that prohibit employee access except in these rare circumstances. In addition, we employ a number of physical and electronic security measures to protect user information from unauthorized access.

Third-party Apps

If you choose to access IdeaGist using third-party applications (“apps”), be aware that those apps utilize their own security protocols and have their own privacy policies. If you’re not comfortable with the privacy and security features of those apps, you shouldn’t use them to access IdeaGist. For example, third-party apps might not employ encryption when transmitting data, might collect information that IdeaGist does not, and might use information differently than IdeaGist does.

Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement

As set forth in our privacy policy, and in compliance with United States law, IdeaGist cooperates with United States law enforcement when it receives valid legal process, which may require IdeaGist to provide the contents of your private Ideas.

I think I’ve found a security exploit. Where do I report security concerns?

We take a number of measures to ensure that the data you store on IdeaGist is safe and secure. While we’re very confident in our technology, we recognize that no system can guarantee data security with 100% certainty. For that reason, we will continue to innovate to make sure that our security measures are state of the art, and we will investigate any and all reported security issues concerning IdeaGist’s services or software. For a direct line to our security experts, report security issues to security@ideagist.com. We’ll fully credit anybody whose reports lead to the improvement of IdeaGist security. A list of those who have contributed reports leading to a bug or security issue can be found on our special thanks page.

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